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Friends With Otherly

The one where we try to make friends and also talk about art

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Friends With Otherly is our informal interview series where we speak with artists and creatives who we admire. We want this playful series to situate itself in its own sphere of art publishing, showcasing emerging artist working within a broad range of disciplines. With each conversation, we aim to foreground the artists' practice thoughtfully.


Series 2 coming soon!

Episode 6:

nurin yusof

This special episode was recorded live following an interactive performance by Nurin herself. 

In Episode 6 we meet Artist Nurin Yusof. Currently based in Malaysia, she speaks to us about the challenges this presents in relation to the way her work is read and engaged with. Comedy and the visual language of the internet enable her to maintain curiosity and act as an important access point to audiences globally. 

Nurin utilises the ploy of multiple personas to explore ways she can “disappear in plain sight”. We discuss the role of performance and audience participation within Nurin’s practice and how the move to the virtual space has been ideal for her way of working.

Episode 5:


In Episode 5 we meet Artist Storm Foster who uses sculpture to examine the aesthetics of Blackness. She uses both personal and collected archives as a means of reconnecting with and reclaiming her family history. 


Storm is adamant about using materials that reference and draw focus to key ideas around Black history, stereotypes and the fetishisation of the Black female body, which she both celebrates and challenges. Her work playfully and actively probes the audiences to question their biases and expectations.

Episode 4:

vishal Kumaraswamy

In Episode 4 we meet New Media Artist and Filmmaker, Vishal Kumaraswamy. Currently based in Bangalore, his multidisciplinary practice engages with ideas of how we use and interact with technology and how this forms a commentary on the intersections between technology and caste within South Asia.  


We speak to Vishal about how his practice operates against the political and social landscapes within India and worldwide; how technology and AI are rooted inherently in whiteness and ways his works resist that, creating their own multi-faceted visual language of the other. We discuss his philosopy of 'Disintegrated Cinema' and touch on recent works including his recent commision 'Swaayattate' (2020), part of Empathy Loading, a collaboration between RCA and Furtherfield.

Episode 3:

Ishmael Lartey & Tyler Lurks

In Episode 3, we are joined by artists and friends Ishmael Lartey and Tyler Lurks. Our discussion draws on parallels between their works.


Tyler’s practice stems from ideas around archiving and the translation of collected histories into delicately painted hazy stills. He describes himself as both an artist and archivist. 


Ishmael’s practice takes inspiration from both found and personal imagery, he uses the language of multimedia and digital manipulation to create detailed, coded illustrations which make reference to graffiti and street art.

Episode 2:


In Episode 2, we meet Kneed, an artist collective based in London formed of Ishwari Bhalereo and Leonie Rousham.


They speak to us about their evolving practice that encompasses performance, events and filmmaking, as well as the themes of labour, care and sustenance, which are central to the work. We also hear about the origins of their collaboration alongside the pleasures and challenges that come with it. 


Amongst their various works and process of making, we also hear about Kneed's latest project with Deptford X, with whom they are current residents.

Episode 1:


In our first episode of the series, we introduce Artist and Graphic Designer, Moesha Parirenyatwa. Moesha talks us through her works and recent projects, including a D&AD recognised book illustration project. She speaks about the challenges within the Design Industry to succeed and get work and how she, as a Black female creative, does not want to be reduced to a certain 'type' or style of working and how her practice is both challenging and engaging with these ideas.

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