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Cooking with Aunties

In collaboration with WAH: Women Artists of Colour


Cooking with Aunties was a one-day event by Otherly involving a live cooking demonstration followed by a shared meal at Hoxton 253

This was hosted in collaboration with Mita Vaghela from

WAH: Women Artists of Colour. 

The Aunties:

mom and mita.JPG

This event aimed to explore the notion of a generational disconnect particularly within the millennial South Asian diasporic community of not always knowing how to replicate the dishes of their family.​ We created a space to learn, pass down and share with one another and nurture these skills.

The Food:


Khattu Dhokli nu Shak

By Mita Aunty


The Dhokli
  • gram flour

  • pinch of ajwain seeds

  • pinch of cumin seeds

  • salt

  • turmeric

  • red chilli powder

The Kadhi 
  • yoghurt

  • gram flour

  • vegetable oil

  • finely chopped onions

  • cinnamon

  • cloves

  • cumin seeds

  • garlic

  • ginger

  • chilli powder

  • turmeric powder

  • salt ​


The Dhokli:

  • Put water on to boil and add spices and salt.  

  • Whilst this boils away, mix gram flour with a little water to make a thick paste. 

  • Boil water for 15 minutes then add the gram flour paste and stir vigorously, removing all lumps.  Turn down the heat, and allow the mixture to cook.  

  • Meanwhile, oil a chopping board, and once the mixture is cooked (no longer sticky), turn out on to the board and flatten to approx 5mm thickness.

  • Cut into desired sizes.


The Kadhi:

  1. Temper the oil by heating oil; add the cinnamon, cloves. 

  2. Once these have popped add the cumin seeds and be careful not to burn them.

  3. Add chopped onions and cook on medium heat.

  4. Meanwhile, mix yoghurt with a little gram flour and water with a whisk.

  5. Once the onions are nicely cooked and browning, add the garlic and ginger and fry for a minute or so.

  6. Add the yoghurt mixture, remaining spices, salt and the chopped dhokli pieces.

  7. Keep stirring until the kadhi comes to a boil.  If you don't stir enough the mixture can curdle before it comes to a boil.

  8. Then, turn the temperature down and allow to simmer, stirring every five minutes or so.

Chana Masala

By Gina Aunty


  • Tinned Chickpeas (2 Tins)

  • MDH Chana Masala packet

  • Vegetable Oil 

  • Ginger

  • Red Chilli Powder

  • Salt 

  • Red Onion / Any Onion

  • Tomatoes

  • Cucumber

  • Lemon 



  • Drain the water from the tins

  • Wash the chickpeas in clean water

  • Boil the chickpeas until they're soft 


Chana Masala:

  • Heat some vegetable oil in a pan / deep wok

  • Add your boiled chickpeas and fry them until they start to brown slightly

  • Add in some chopped ginger 

  • Then add 2 Tablespoons of Red Chilli Powder, 3-4 Table Spoons of Chana Masala pre-packaged mix  (or as per your taste) 

  • Add in Salt (as per your taste)

  • Finely chop your onions and add those in too (we recommend these go in towards the end as they taste better when they're still fresh and crunchy) 

  • Add in your freshly chopped tomatoes. These add a natural sweetness to the chana

  • Squeeze some lemon and mix all these ingredients together nicely.

  • When the Chana are ready to serve add in your finely chopped cucumber. (Adding these right at the end avoids them turning soggy in the heat and remaining crunchy.

Jeera Aloo

(Cumin Potatoes)


  • Potatoes (any type will do, we used Maris Piper) x5

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Jeera/ Cumin Seeds

  • Turmeric Powder

  • Red Chilli Powder

  • Salt 


  • Peel and wash your Potatoes 

  • Chop them into cubes or desired shape and size

  • In a pan or pressure cooker heat up the Vegetable Oil

  • Add 2 and 1/2 Teaspoons of Cumin Seeds/ Jeera in the oil and allow it to pop.

  • Add in your diced Potatoes

  • Add in 1 Teaspoon Red Chilli Powder

  • Then 1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder

  • Add Salt according to taste and mix

  • If you're using a pressure cooker, add your lid and allow for two whistles. 

  • If you're using a pan, add drops of water and cover with a pan to cook. 


(finely chopped salad)

  • Finely chop 2 large red onions, half a cucumber and 4 salad tomatoes and mix them together in a large bowl!

  • Add in the juice of a whole lemon (or half) and optionally you can add some chopped coriander too. 

Coriander Chutney

Into a blender add:

  • Washed, fresh Coriander 

  • 3 Large Tomatoes

  • 5 Green Chillies (vary according to ur spice tolernace) 

  • 3-4 cloves of Garlic 

  • Salt (according to ur taste again)


Blend and Serve!

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