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Our aim with Otherly is to create, nurture and support artists and creatives of colour, helping to initiate conversations and provide a framework to engage in artistic activities outside of the restraints of institutional structures.


We actively and playfully decentre hierarchical ideas of curation, which we feel are often rooted in formality and from our experience has lead to a sense of inaccessibility; our aim is to offer a fresh approach to art curation that focuses on an equal exchange between ourselves and the people we collaborate with.

Our informal interview series, Friends With Otherly, initiates conversations with emerging artists and creatives about their practice and themselves. Alongside this, with Otherly Presents... , we’re regularly hosting virtual participatory events that act as supportive and discursive social spaces.

We’re adamant on creating a platform that celebrates kindness, community and care.



With Love,






Formed in a North London Gail's by Sara and Morisha, (Sara had a lemon & lime something - would not recommend, Morisha had an Earl Grey - tea of choice, we both had scones - they were OK), Otherly came from our frustration at the lack of opportunities open to us as people of colour at uni during our BAs.

Sara is an interdisciplinary artist, who recently graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art.

Morisha is a Gallery Trainee and filmmaker 

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